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Monday, September 12, 2011

Making a Workout Work with the Family

If you're a working mom or dad or even a working person without children you know how busy your day can get and how many "hats" you are expected to wear. I am a trainer, group fitness coach, mother, wife, nurse, chef, housekeeper, etc. Sound familiar? So, there are days when I feel guilty heading to the gym for a workout or running on my own because I want to spend time with my family. Last Wednesday evening was one of those times. So, here's what I did...hopefully this inspires some of you wonderfully busy readers to do the same!
The girls and I worked together to pack their supper before Daddy got home from work. They made their own ham and cheese wraps, put the grapes in the baggies, etc. It was fun! Then they each took a napkin and hid around the corner to draw/write a special message for their sister on it. We tucked the napkins in their sacks and as soon as Daddy was home he changed and we were off to a field nearby. The girls enjoyed riding their scooters and Scott and I got time to chat about our days.
We set out a blanket in the shade for the girls to eat their special picnic dinner then Scott and I jogged and stretched on a nearby sidewalk while the kids were in view the entire time. I then took out the 8 lb medicine ball we brought with us and we took turns squatting and throwing it overhead, lunging and chest passing it, running with it overhead, heaving it backwards, doing sit ups while passing it and slamming it down and squatting to get it. The girls were cheering us on and loving the show. :)
The whole workout took us about 30 minutes. We both felt like we got a good whole body workout and I felt so good that I didn't take time away from the family, rather we had an awesome family experience!
We came home and Scott and I grilled fish and vegetables while the girls played out back. They had a popsicle while Scott and I continued chatting about our day enjoying our healthy post-workout dinner.
Overall, an awesome day! There is time in your day to workout, even if you're a busy mommy or daddy or nurse or housekeeper or....

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