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Friday, January 6, 2012

Fitness Fun Friday

Family walks can be a challenge...whining usually sets in around 3 minutes into them. "I wanna be carried!" "Why didn't we take the wagon?" "Are we done yet?" And that's just Scott...the girls are even worse! (Just kidding, you! :)

However, last week we went on a chilly family walk to bust out of the house after a long morning of being lazy in our pj's and it was fun! Payton decided to wear her Barbie wedding ring she got from Santa and about 3/4 into our walk realized it was no longer in her pocket. This led us on a full out search in grasses, on sidewalks and even checking the street for the missing ring. The funny thing is, the walk went really quickly, there was no whining and we even had fun with it. Daddy and Aly were on one team and Payton and I on the other. We were making bets who would find it first.

So, why not take this idea and run with about a family walk/scavenger hunt? For our next family walk I'm going to make a list for both girls of items to find on our walk. They'll each carry a marker or crayon and we'll make teams. Each team will have to try and check off items on their list during the walk. I'll have them help brainstorm items for our lists and Payton can even write her own!

Get out, enjoy the unseasonable weather, and go for a fun, family walk this weekend!

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