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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trainer Talk Tuesday: Emotions and Food

Thanksgiving was a relaxing, low key day for me. Simple meal at my parent's house, no clients and time to relax with my beautiful girls.

As I helped my mom prepare the food it was interesting to talk with her about the different dishes (stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, pies) and who's recipes they were and how long we'd been having those exact dishes on Thanksgivings as a family. It's amazing how much food becomes part of our family traditions. There's an emotional connection.

There's so much of an emotional connection that when I offered to make my version of whole grain stuffing, sugar free pumpkin pie and mashed sweet potatoes it wasn't all that well received. Understandable, but worth a shot!

How much of an emotional connection do you have with your food? Is it just once or twice a year during holidays or is it any time you are sad, happy, mad, frustrated and stress that you resort to those comfort foods, those foods you relate to feeling better?

As soon as you can disconnect your feelings from eating you have won a giant battle many fight daily. Food is fuel. It allows your body to function. Depending on how you fuel your body it can function at optimal levels or function a tired, ill and even painful state.

Before you lean on those comfort foods, sit with your emotions. Call them what they are. How are you feeling and why are you feeling that way? Then try different ways of coping! Go for a run, call a friend, journal, meditate, lay down, play the piano...anything that dissociates food with your emotions.

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