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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Things You Should Know Thursday: Distance

Intensity can be increased by adding resistance, incline, speed and distance. Distance is the one most people don't think about...and if they do think about increasing distance for intensity it's usually related to tacking on a few more miles. Let's talk about distance traveled with a weight. A bicep curl has a very limited distance. Your elbows stay locked in place and you simply move from your thigh to your chest with the dumbbell or barbell. A dumbbell snatch, however starts at the ground in squat position and then travels the entire length of your body until it is locked out overhead. Ground to far of a distance as you can travel. You are engaging your entire body (core, lower body and upper body) to move that weight rather than just recruiting a few muscle groups in the bicep curl. Intensity is therefore increased and the exercise is more effective. Understand that intensity should only be increased once form is learned, practiced and repeated correctly several times. This is where a trainer, group fitness instructor, DVD or YouTube video can help. Just be sure your sources are reliable and educated. Now, get after it and go the distance! :)

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