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Monday, April 8, 2013

Weaknesses: Are You Working on Them?

Eat Better:
Here's a fun, easy breakfast option the whole family will love!

1 package of instant oatmeal - I use the flavored kind for my kids
1 egg
2 T skim milk
Fruit - frozen or fresh
Honey or agave nectar to taste (optional)

Dump the oatmeal into a coffee cup and stir the egg, milk and your favorite fruit. Add some agave nectar or honey to sweeten if desired. Put in the microwave approximately 1m 40sec (that's on my microwave - 2 mins is too long and 1m 30sec isn't quite enough). Flip the coffee cup onto a plate and serve! Looks like a muffin!

Tip: I tip it out of the cup for my kids then cut it up and blow on it then dump it back into the cup. It speeds up the cooling process as it does come out very hot.

Move Better:
Benches - they're not just for sitting! Yesterday I ran around a pond while the kids played at the park nearby. Everytime I came to a bench I jumped up and stepped down 10 times. I got a few weird stares, but I figured they were just jealous of my creativity :)

Here's a few other things you can use benches for:
  • Push ups - hands on bench or toes on bench
  • Toe taps - alternate tapping toes to bench seat
  • Step ups - step up then down one leg at a time
  • Tricep dips - face away from bench, palms down with bent elbows, feet on heels and press up, lower down 
  • Squats - sit back on bench until butt touches then stand back up
Can you think of any others??

Amy's Corner:
I've heard various motivational speakers in my career as a trainer say that you should work on your strengths 80% of the time and weaknesses 20%. Although that seems like a generous percentage to work on what we're already good at, most people don't come close to the 20% of what we're not so good at. Why? It's not very fun! It stinks to fail, to get uncomfortable, to feel like others are much better than us.

This year's Crossfit Open highlighted this for me in a big way. My weaknesses were brought to light and my strengths were just not enough to pull me into Regionals. The lesson? I need to work more on my weaknesses, like muscle ups and chest to bar pull-ups.

Regionals are still my goal, I just have a longer timeline. One whole year to turn my weaknesses into strengths! What are you weaknesses and are you working on them 20% of the time??

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