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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Investing in Your Health

If you're like me you can easily spout the importance of getting your teeth checked and cleaned every 6 months, your hair trimmed and hightlights touched up every 2-3 months, your oil changed when the light goes on (no idea on milage here, just rely on the light :), your kids to get their well visits every year and your house to dusted and vaccuumed often enough you're not embarrassed when company stops by...right? It seems we are constantly maintaining our "things", and the more value we place on those "things" the more we are willing to spend of our time and money to keep them around and in good condition.

How do we decide what is worth the investment of our hard earned money and time out of our busy schedules? To me it comes down to 1 question, "How would my life be different without that "thing" in optimal condition?" My hair would look long and highlights grown out, but I could live with that (actually if you've seen my hair lately you'd know that's true :)

What about your health? If you do not maintain your health, if you do not to everything you can do keep it in optimal condition, how would your life be different? For some of you the question isn't how would it be different, rather it's how IS life different? For the latter of you it's NEVER to late to begin investing in the MOST IMPORTANT "thing" you have. Because without your health in optimal condition you are less likely to care for others because you're too busy caring for yourself and your ailments. Without your health in optimal condition you walk a fine line of possibly losing all that is important to you if not now, someday sooner than it should ever happen.

Here are 5 ways to start investing in your health today:
  • 30-40 minutes of exercise daily - brisk walking has many benefits!
  • Choose whole foods: fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts & seeds
  • Elimate processed foods, refined sugars and hydrogenated oils from your diet
  • Reduce your mental stress with 10 minutes of deep breathing, silence, meditation, prayer, yoga...
  • Nuture the healthy relationships you have and hang out with people who encourage and support you

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  1. The one thing I did in the last 24 hours to invest in my health... slept 8 hours last night; good CrossFit workout yesterday.

    We can discuss how you learn the mileage and not rely on the light for a car oil change "thing"... and that's important to take care of so you can still meet me at crazy early hours to workout and for personal training ;)