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Friday, September 16, 2011

Fitness Fun Friday

Take a sport you love and turn it into a fun fat-blasting workout for you and anyone who wants to join you!

Basketball - Shoot 10 free throws. After any miss do 5 push ups, only 1 push up for makes. Then add up your misses and run that many ladders a.k.a suicides.

Tennis - Hit the ball over the net to a partner and quickly do a burpee and grab your racket before the ball is returned. A burpee is a pushup then jump your legs in and jump up to standing. I found you need to hit the ball far and lobbing it gives you more time.

Baseball - One person runs from home all the way back to home while the other person does step ups or squats or push ups or tricep dips on the dugout bench. Switch and keep changing up the exercises.

Soccer - Get in sit up position with a soccer ball held over your head. Do a sit up and throw the ball on the way up as hard as you can then hop up and run to the ball then run it back to do another sit up.

Football - Do a wall sit with a partner facing one another or far away from one another and try to play catch with the football to help pass the time. If it's a bad throw or bad pass you can add extra time!

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