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Monday, September 19, 2011


One of my favorite things to do is take my time browsing around whole food stores and farmer's markets. I love the smaller yet unique selection you get of local and organic produce and goods. This weekend we stopped at Gateway Market as a family.  Payton and Aly thought the hairy coconuts were funny and fun to shake, Scott enjoyed the large and different selection of wines and cheeses while I spent a lot of time browsing the organic and raw foods section. Here's 2 finds that I LOVED!

Synergy Organic & Raw Chia Drink
It looks weird...Scott said he thought it was a marinade. :) And if you're creeped out by different textures this could put you over the edge...HOWEVER...I bought a grape and cherry flavored drink and actually enjoyed the taste of both. The chia seeds in the drink are small and a gummy but chewing isn't necessary. The tea is fermented so it has a slight carbonation to it that I found refreshing. The best part of this drink is it's nutrition facts! In 1 bottle: 14g carbs,, only 4g sugar, 8g fiber!, 4g protein!, 6g fat and 140 calories. 1 bottle contains 4200 mg of Omega 3 and 1400 Omega 6! It's packed with antioxidants and probiotics. Basically it's a super drink! I drank one of these 1 hour before my workout yesterday and felt full of energy...and also full! The fiber and protein left me satisfied for quite awhile. Here's the website and Facebook page to read more about Synergy drinks. While shopping at Hy-Vee Sunday I also found these in the Health Mart section near the organic dairy...yay!!!

Raw Revolution Bar
This bar was packed with flavor and reminded me a little of a Lara bar. The ingredients are few and simple: cashews, sunflower seeds, agave nectar, coconut, etc. However these bars also contain sprouted flax seeds which elevate the nutrition of this bar that much more! Carbs 28g, fiber 6g, protein 7g, fat 19 and calories 280. The fat grams may scare some of you away, but it's GOOD fat. The kind that fills you up and fuels your body. I used this as my post workout lunch on Saturday and it was awesome! I have not yet seen these bars elsewhere but I'll post if I do!

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