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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trainer Talk Tuesday

What do women do almost three times more than men on a daily basis?? I'm sorry, you don't know? I'm sorry, is that a hard question? I'm sorry, are you struggling with this one?


I hear it all the time, both coming from myself and especially from other women I train, although I hear it from men too. We are guilty, guilty, guilty of over apologizing. We take blame for things we have no control over. We say sorry when we are trying our best but perceive others may think we are not. It's time to stop!

There is time and a place for "I'm sorry", but it's not as frequent as we think. One of the biggest steps you can take toward being a healthy person is to have a healthy mindset. Strength can come in many forms, not just your muscles. Mental strength comes from knowing your boundaries, knowing when you are doing your absolute best and knowing when there's just no need to apologize for yourself or others.

I'm not suggesting you become a bully and never say sorry. I also believe there are times in life you say sorry because saving a relationship is more important than saving your ego. I get it. I just know without a doubt it is said too often and can make us sound weak when it is.

Take some time TODAY to really be conscious of how many times you hear yourself or others saying "I'm sorry". Evaluate it in the moment. Was it warranted or just simply said because it was likely a habit?

Being conscious of it is your first step...having a trainer who makes you do push ups as a consequence for saying it too often may be the second. Just a heads up all you clients out there :)

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