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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things You Should Know Thursday

I had a client ask me why she gets a pain in her side while running. I've had this question before and because it's so common, I thought it was something you all should know!

When you are running your internal organs can actually bounce a little. It makes sense, right? Running is high impact on your entire body. Your liver on your right side is often the culprit of your side pain as the "bouncing"of your liver causes the muscle between your liver and diaphragm to be strained and spasm. This is why most people experience the side ache on their right side only.

You can solve the problem by breathing from your belly...deep breathing. Shallow breathing does not allow for your diaphragm to relax therefore keeping the spasm going. A good way to practice and help get rid of the pain while running is to occasionally purse your lips as you exhale and act as though you're blowing out a candle.

If your pain is on the left side a full belly is usually the culprit. A small carb/protein snack 1 hour before running is all you need. If running for over an hour, bring along some fuel (water and Gu, runner's jelly beans or runner's fruit snacks) to help keep your body from fatiguing early.

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