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Friday, October 14, 2011

Fitness Fun Friday

Yesterday I opened the back of Scott's car and discovered golf clubs, golf shoes and golf balls. He carries them in his car at all times just in case there's an opportunity to golf he wasn't anticipating. And he won't admit it, but I think he feels they are safer with him than left in the garage for little hands to knock over.                                                                                 I had opened the back of the car to put in a jogging stroller, my running shoes and a picnic lunch for Aly. After a busy morning of coaching, training and shopping for the perfect Halloween bow for Payton to wear to school today, I found myself at 10 o' clock wondering how I was going to get a workout done. I knew Aly's preschool was near a trail and that she would love to eat lunch on the run...literally. So I packed her a special lunch (just like her Kindergarten sissy's lunch) and carefully removed the golf items (just in case Scott's reading this :) to throw in the jogging stroller, picnic lunch and my shoes. I picked her up at school and told her the surprise...she was so excited!
When we got to the trail it was GORGEOUS! Trees of all colors, birds and grasshoppers everywhere and the trail was so covered with leaves at some points I didn't know where the trail began and the grass ended.  Every once in awhile I'd look up and it literally looked like it was raining leaves.
My favorite moment was trucking up a very large hill as best I could when Aly turned around and said, "Mom, are you still running or are you walking?" I couldn't even summon the breath to answer until I got to the top. :)
I know Scott carries those things in his car because it's what he loves to do, it's what fills him up. I think I'll make sure I have my jogging stroller and shoes in the back of mine from now on. What's in the back of your car??

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