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Monday, October 17, 2011


It is one thing to see an athlete on t.v. complete an amazing catch, hit a grand slam or sprint for a new world record. But it's a whole different thing to see, in person, every day people of all shapes and sizes, male and female, of all ages and from all over the world compete in a marathon. It's as if in that moment, when all the runners are lined up ready for that gun to sound, that everyone for once decides to stop selling themselves short and commit to something greater than themselves.

I witnessed a man turning and running backwards, holding hands with his crying wife at mile 24 telling her that if she can raise 3 beautiful babies and beat cancer she can certainly finish the last 2 miles. Time seemed to freeze as I saw that and suddenly personal records, splits and pacing just didn't seem all that important. Perspective.

I saw strangers slapping strangers on the back, shouting words of encouragement.

I saw a man easily over 75 years old wearing a shirt covered with all the marathons he had run in his life...30 or more on the list.

I saw a dad running with his daughter, sisters running with their deceased mother's name on their shirts and teams of people holding hands as they crossed the finish line.

Marathons are a reminder to me that we are all capable of doing what some deem impossible...we just have to line up, face that START and believe.

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