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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Do I Eat Wednesday?!?

Mashed potatoes, butter, gravy, green bean casserole, pie, whip cream, cranberry sauce...for some a mouth watering free for all...but for those of us who strive to make healthy choices and have fitness/weight loss goals...PANIC! WHAT DO I EAT?
It's one meal.
Don't break out a protein bar and sit and sulk while everyone else digs in.
It's all about portion control and choices.
Take a small serving of your favorite things and pass on things like rolls, high sugar Jello salads and full fat condiments. 1 plate of food is enough, no need for seconds or thirds. Relax and enjoy each bite. Savor the food and the time with your family.
Then start a new tradition! Head out for family walk post-meal, play Wii Fit if you have it or even start a fun contest! My friend Wendi has her own family Olympics post meal. They hold planks, have races, hold wall sits...all sorts of exercises and they keep track of everyones' scores. All ages participate and she even said her grandmother won the plank contest last year!
The point is to not cry over spilled milk. Don't let guilt replace the joy of the holiday. It's one day...just use portion control, savor your food and look for a fun way to be active with your family.

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