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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trainer Talk Tuesday

CRASH!!! I was headed to Crossfit this morning and that's what I heard and felt. My van was rear ended. Immediately I felt cheated out of the morning I had planned as I knew insurance had to be exchanged, phone calls had to be made and plans needed to be rearranged to now make room for this unfortunate acccident...this annoying accident. (I'm just fine by the way and the van is hanging in there).

Ever feel like your plans just go up in smoke so what's the point? You plan to eat right, you plan to go to the gym, then some unfortunate accident happens, some unplanned, unforseen circumstance gets in your way and you feel like giving up?

Some coworker brings fudge to the office and offers you a piece, your child wakes up at 2 am and 3 am and 4 am and you needed to go to the gym at 5am but you don't think it's safe to hit the treadmill with your eyes half open, your boss calls a long meeting and caters in food that you know isn't a great choice...


I know if you fail to plan you plan to fail. It's proven true in many circumstances in my life and the lives of others. HOWEVER, do you think it's possible to plan for flexibility? Plan for change? Plan for the "unplannable"?
Here's 3 ways I try to stay flexible and healthy at the same time:

1. Don't cry over spilled milk. Focus on the present and future, you can't change the past so quit wasting your time feeling guilt ridden over it.

2. Have a plan B and plan C and plan D...there's like 26 letters in the alphabet...have planSSSSSSS. If you can't go to the gym, can you workout at home in your basement? In your garage? (Check under Workout Ideas on my blog for SEVERAL at-home ideas!) If your coworkers want to order out do you have a healthy lunch packed you can have instead? Do you know good places with healthy choices to recommend? Can you check the restaurant's web site for their nutritional information or check your restuarant app for ideas on what to order?

3. Always have food staples, "go to's" in your purse, desk drawer, car, gym bag...anything that travels with you during the day. Mine are always the same: a piece of fruit, a Larabar, a Kind Bar, dried magoes, Advocare's Spark, gum, water and Advocare's Coffeccino. I know that if I'm stuck in a situation where there's food but clearly there's nothing for me to choose from that's healthy, I have something I can eat that will hold me off until a better choice can be made.

When you make your health a priority you learn to adapt to what life throws at you. Don't let the unplanned be the excuse for you missing out on a healthier, happier life.

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