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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trainer Talk Tuesday

"I need to vaccuum!"
This is by far the number one thing I hear when I ask people to do a plank or exercise facing the ground. They immediately make a comment about having to clean their home.
It's a little funny...but it makes a good point.
We are so busy, especially this time of year, we forget to be present live in the moment and experience it without wondering about the future, planning ahead or thinking about the past. Our minds are constantly in motion so much so that we can't even hold a plank for 30 seconds without adding to our "to do" list!
My challenge for you is to find moments during your day where you try to purposely be present conscious. Be present with your kids in body and mind. Play a game without thinking about dinner plans!
And this carries over in the gym. Experience the workout. Listen to your body, feel your heart pumping, the sweat run down your back and your muscles contracting.
When we allow our minds to focus on the present we are more focused and driven to do what it is we are doing. We are at our best when our minds can turn off and we can experience the here and now...the future will come regardless and the past is done.

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  1. Really most programs should try and accomplish this. For this reason I really don’t like the term core training. We really build all of our programs to include core training and core movements. No matter what your goal is you will incorporate core workout.