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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trainer Talk Tuesday

This week is "Hell Week" at Crossfit Des Moines. This means high intensity is expected, the workouts are extremely tough and comfort zones are the enemy. As a trainer this means my job is to keep everyone safe first and foremost but also to push everyone to the very edge. Today was day 1 and it was just as I thought it would be...a display of what the human body is capable of when the mind decides to keep on going even though the body is begging to quit.
There's a moment in every workout that everyone experiences this physical and mental struggle. Do I do 2 more reps even though my arms are burning? Do I finish this mile even though I'm breathing so hard I think the guy next to me just turned up his music? Do 2 sets or 3? Try 5 lbs heavier or stick with what I know I can do?

I am always telling clients their job is to do with me what they wouldn't do on their own. What I'm wanting is for them to push themselves out of their comfort zone with my support...because it's out of your comfort zone you experience change.

Existing outside your comfort zone takes mental toughness when you are physically exhausted. This mental toughness can come in all I broke down 22 repititions into 6-6-5-5 when counting to 'trick' myself into thinking it wasn't very many. Sometimes when I am running up a hill I guess how long it'll take me to get to the top, start with that number and count backwards in my head to see if I am right.

What do you do to mentally get through a physically exhausting workout? How do you keep going when your legs/arms/lungs want to stop?

If you are reading this thinking, I've never had that experience...what is she talking about?? It's time to bust out of your comfort zone and change your fitness and your body!

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