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Friday, February 17, 2012

Fitness Fun for the Family!

Sometimes, the fall/winter weather can keep us and our families inside for days at a time. However, just because we are shut indoors doesn’t mean that we can’t be active! While watching TV or computer time might be ok for an hour or two on these blah days, here are some cool ideas that ParticipAction offers to keep you and your family engaged in fun, healthy activities at home:

  • Have a treasure hunt: Hide clues around the house, and get your kids to actively search for treasure. Have them slither like a snake, hop on one foot or wave their arms over their head to get to the next clue!
  • Put on a talent show: put on their favorite music and have them dance, lip synch or air-guitar away the afternoon
  • Play a game of HORSE find a soft foam, sponge or newspaper ball, and use a garbage can or laundry bin as the basket. Shoot from different areas of the room and see who can spell out HORSE first.
  • Take a field trip: visit a local community center, indoor swimming pool, roller/skating rink or bowling alley-or go for a big walk through the local mall.
  • Play keep-away and blow up a balloon hitting it back and forth without letting it touch the floor!
  • Play active games like Wii-Fit.
  • Twister and musical chairs are great indoor games that incorporate movement-be sure to find an area where there aren't too many obstacles to knock over!

Source: “Fun Family Activities for Rainy (or Snowy) Days!” November 2009 E-newsletter

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