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Friday, February 24, 2012

Fitness Fun Friday

I woke up to a lot of snow this morning...and I have to's really beautiful! Snowshowing is a fun way to keep your fitness level up while enjoying the white stuff!

Dr. A. Neil Patrick, a Canadian chiropractor, sums up positives of snowshoeing on his website: There are four types of exercise that, when combined, will give improved results: endurance, raising heart rate; strength, building muscle; balance, reducing risk for falls; and flexibility, keeping a limber body through proper warm-up and stretching. A good snowshoeing excursion covers all four of those exercise types, making it an excellent full-body workout in winter.

If you're in central Iowa here's where you can find showshoes:

Active Endeavors, 4520 University Ave., Suite 130 in West Des Moines near Barnes and Noble, (515) 226-9345; $12 per day, $20 per weekend rental.

Jax Mercantile , Co., 4723 Lincoln Way, (515) 292-2276; $10 per day, $5 each additional day rental

Scheels, 101 Jordan Creek Parkway, West Des Moines, No. 4000, 515-727-4065; new sales only no rental
Give it a try! Marty, one of my awesome hard working clients, tried snow shoeing last weekend and really enjoyed it!

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