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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trainer Talk Tuesday

Most of you have heard this phrase or one similar: If you fail to plan you plan to fail. But what does it look like to be successful at planning ahead to meet your wellness goals? I can't speak for anyone but myself, but after maintaining over 50 lbs weight loss for 10 years I can share my insights in hopes they help you on your wellness journey.

Sunday afternoons I sit with my nutrition blogs and cookbooks and plan all my meals for the week ahead then write out a grocery list accordingly, 30-40 mins

I grocery shop once a week, no more no less. I spend time planning so I don't have to spend time on multiple trips to the store. I also spend less money this way...bonus! 1 hour

I have a calendar on my phone where I schedule my workouts for the week ahead. I block off time so I have a visual reminder and make it a priority. I also share my calendar with my husband so we can avoid conflicts with our schedules.

Water, nuts, fresh fruit, Larabars, Kind bars and carrots/celery come with me all the time in my bag. They are back up if I'm in a situation where the food choices aren't ideal. And they are snacks if I'm hungry so I'm not tempted to make a quick, less healthy choice.

I wash and cut up all veggies and fruit so they are readily available in my fridge.

I pre portion foods that come in large quantities I'd be tempted to eat more than 1 serving of by using snack sized baggies. For example, I'll take a large can almonds and portion them out into individual servings. No thinking is best, especially when I'm hungry and in a hurry.

I lay out my workout clothes the night before and I even sleep in them if I know it'll be a really early morning.

What do you do to plan ahead? How do you stay sucessful with your fitness and nutrition routines???

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