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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trainer Talk Tuesday: To Supplement or Not?

You eat clean for the most part, you exercise why supplement? Here's just a few reasons why...

- Speed up recovery, lessen soreness post workout
- Enhance your workout performance
- Extra energy
- Replace your afternoon pop habit with a much healthier option
- Lose or maintain weight loss
- Digestional health
- Add necessary vitamens and minerals to your daily intake that foods cannot
- Joint health
- Internal cleansing
- Muscle Gain

Check out the right column of my blog under Advocare and search their many products by category: Trim, Active, Well, Performance Elite and Definite Difference. You can also read about why they are safe and effective.

When choosing supplements it's always important to know 1) the quality of the ingredients, 2) proven effectivness, 3) if it's a well established company, 4) what your doctor recommends (if necessary).

Many people ask me what I take? I take Advocare's Multi Vitamen, Advocare's Probiotic and Advocare's Omega-3's every day. I also drink Spark mid-afternoon and drink the Post Workout Recovery Shake after Crossfit/strength workouts.

Do your own research, talk to your doctor and decide what's best for you.

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