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I will come to your home when it works for you! I will teach you WORKOUTS THAT WORK so you can meet achievable, life changing goals we establish together. My goal isn't to make you reliant on a personal trainer for the rest of your life. My goal is to show you how to make several small changes in how you move, eat and think which will make huge changes in how you live for the rest of your life!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trainer Talk Tuesday: Keep it Real with the Simple Six

I have heard from too many people lately near tears from the frustration when it comes to nutrition. Too many choices, too many conflicting articles and blogs and too much guilt from feeling like they're constantly guessing at best as to what to eat and when.

Let me make things as simple as I can. I call these my "SIMPLE SIX":

1) Eat REAL foods: foods with few ingredients (if any) and be able to pronounce and recognize the ingredients

2) Eat when your HUNGRY: not when you're bored, sad, happy, rewarding yourself, punishing yourself...and STOP when you're FULL.

3) Fuel before/after workouts: simple carbohydrate 30 mins - 1 hr before and protein/carb within 30 mins after.

4) Aim for 1/2 your body weight in oz of water daily

5) Eat the following food groups from MOST to LEAST: Vegetables, Lean Meats/Protein, Nuts/Seeds (Good Fats), Fruit, Grains...when in doubt, reach for a lean protein source and some veggies!

6) Plan ahead: make healthy snacks readily available in your purse, briefcase, car and desk. No excuses for poor choices.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with all the nutritional information about there, take a step back, put down the articles, close down the computer and just think of the SIMPLE SIX. It doesn't have to be complex and tedious. I does have to be a lifestyle change!

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