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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Testimonial Tuesday: Rachelle's 24 Day Challenge Results

Here's Rachelle's life changing experience during and after Advocare's 24-Day Challenge. If you're interested please message me for me information on how to get started!

My weight loss journey has been an on and off process for the majority of my adult life. It kicked into
even higher gear after I finished having my two beautiful children (Dane, 7 and Reis, 4). I have always been an active person with exercise and fitness goals however I have not been someone who has a strong “balance” of both fitness and proper nutrition.

My life changed in February of this year when my dear friend, Shannon, re-introduced me to Amy Drefke and we signed up for the Workouts that Work with Amy 8-week fitness class. The class was great and offered a great variety of exercises that can be done in my very own home! Since finishing this class, I have signed up for the summer boot camp classes and the kickboxing classes offered by Amy. I am thoroughly enjoying this type of fitness however still felt a sort of “emptiness” regarding my nutritional habits. Some examples of my negative eating habits would include: large food portions, diet soda, candy and other sugar packed snacks, snacking while making dinner then eating a large dinner.

My husband and I will celebrate 10-years of wedding bliss in August and have booked an all-inclusive trip to Jamaica at the end of July. After we booked this trip I so badly wanted to do something that would make me feel good about my body in preparation for this trip and thereafter. I had talked to Amy on a number of occasions about Advocare's 24-day Challenge. I started drinking Spark about a month before I started the challenge and Spark helped to eliminate my diet soda daily consumption. Spark helped me to stay focus and have a boost of energy and overall just made me realize that I was substituting something good into my body which felt rewarding.

When I officially signed up and ordered the 24-day Challenge I went into it dedicating my entire mind and body. I decided that is was a life plan not just a “start and finish” type of program. I also told myself that the 24-day Challenge was an opportunity to develop eating habits that would not only help me but that I could introduce to my family.

During the 24-day Challenge I lost a total of 18 pounds and gained a whole new sassiness within myself! The Challenge itself brought the following benefits to my daily routine: 1.) I plan my meals ahead of time; I have a daily schedule of when I eat my meals/snacks; when I travel for work I pack my food so that I am not tempted to stop and indulge in unhealthy choices that are always looming; and most importantly, I have a new appreciation for vegetables/fruits and the all around concept of “clean eating”. My favorite Advocare products are Catalyst, Meal Replacement Shakes and Spark; I plan to continue use of these products in the future.

I would encourage anyone who feels they are in a rut with food to try the 24-Day Challenge……………… is a life changing experience!

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