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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Workouts that Work Wednesday: Wall Walks

Due to the extreme heat I've had to cancel boot camp classes outdoors this week. In it's place are some challenges for participants. One of the challenges involves "Wall Walks". Check out the explanation below and the demo video and see if you can do this exercise that challenges your entire body!

A full Wall Walk is facing away from the wall on your stomach, walking your feet up the wall as you push up with your arms, touching your chest to the wall then walking your feet back down until you’re back in starting position with your stomach on the floor.

Demo Video: (walk walks are the first exercise they do in this video) http://

In order to learn how to do wall walk, first walk your feet up the wall halfway. If you feel stable, continue walking your feet all the way up. If you still feel stable start walking your hands in toward the wall inch by inch. No need to go clear to the wall with your chest unless you feel stable and capable of doing it. Just walk your hands inward until you are uncomfortable or feeling unstable then walk your legs back down the wall and hands back out to starting position.

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