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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things to Think About Thursday: What Will You Gain?

Although I can't say I'm onboard with the way Special K markets their cereal and bars as a diet plan I can say their new marketing plan is GENIOUS and dead on. The theme is "What Will You Gain?". So often we look at weight loss as simply that...LOSS. It's all about losing inches, losing clothes that you don't want to fit in anymore, losing that terrible feeling you get when you feel like the out of shape person at the gym, losing pounds...but how negative is that?!? I mean, really. It's all based on the negative aspects of where you are right then and there and not focused at all on seeing the bigger picture...seeing where you WILL be if you continue to make good choices.
Special K has people stepping on a scale and the scale reads words like: Courage, Strength, Confidence, Health...all things that a person GAINS by becoming healthier and reaching their goals.
I encourage you to think of your journey, no matter where you are on the path, in this manner. What wil lyou GAIN when you met your goals???

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