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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things You Should Know Thursday: Pull Up Progression

The number one exercise I hear clients and friends say they'd most like to be able to do someday is a pull up. I have memories of dangling from a pull up bar in elementary school while my entire class watched praying for my gym teacher to hurry and scribble down a big fat 0 so I could get off. I get it.

Here's a progression exercise the uses the same muscles and helps you develop the strength to do one! It's called the Inverted Row.

This exercise has also been referred to as the reverse bench press, as you grab a bar like you were getting ready to bench press it, but instead of lifting the weight down towards you, you’re pulling your body up towards the bar. You can make these exercise harder by elevating your feet on a box or bench and pausing 5 seconds when you chest is at the bar. Give it a try and don't give up on those pull ups!

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  1. I can do 15pullups, no stops. Everyone says it's because I'm a lightweight. I beg to differ;)