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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Workouts that Work Wednesday: Thrusters

My workout this morning had several reps of barbell thrusters in it, so it seems appropriate as I sit here with shaking legs to share this highly effective and efficient exercise with all of you! :)

Intensity can be increased with resistance, incline and speed...but most people forget it can also be increased by adding distance. The further the distance you can cover from ground the ceiling the more muscle groups you're recruiting and the more you're taxing your cardiovascular system...making the exercise both intense and efficient.

Dumbbell or barbell thrusters are a deep squat into a overhead press. You utilize the momentum created by the squat to press the bar or dumbbells overhead. The bar or dumbbells return to shoulder height for the squat them press right back up for a continuous, smooth movement. Here's a quick demo:
Full depth on the squat is reached when your hip crease is below your knees. Full overhead press is achieved when the dumbbells or barbell are locked overhead (arms are straight). If this exercise is too taxing or you cannot achieve full range of motion in the squat or press on it's own, begin with just those exercises and build up to thrusters.

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