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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trainer Talk Tuesday: Modifications

Exercise modifications can either make the given exercise easier or more difficult. The purpose of modifications is NOT to highlight a weakness and cause you to think bad things about the person next to you cranking out the exercise without modifications! The purpose is to develop strength and muscle memory through the entire range of motion with proper form so that you can do the exercise without modification in the future!

Two common mistakes I see:
#1: Not doing the exercise modified when it's necessary. Pride and impatience can get in the way of the overall goal. Check those things at the door and realize that by developing strength, proper form and full range of motion you will be stronger in the end!

#2: Never trying the exercise without modifications! I knew a woman who ALWAYS subbed pull ups and ring dips for muscle ups when they came up as a workout at her Crossfit gym because she just knew she couldn't do a muscle up. The problem was, she never tried doing a muscle up! For 6 months she continued this way until one day she decided to try one and it was easy! Don't be afraid to try an exercise without the modification now and then to gauge where you're at. Try a push up on your toes before going to your knees. If you can do 2, do the rest on your knees then next time try for 4!

Patience, perseverance and push your pride out of the way...take those modifications when needed and keep at it!

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