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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trainer Talk Tuesday: Limits

When I tell people about this GORUCK Challenge the common question is "WHY?!?" Great question. I asked that several times during it. :)
I was looking for something that pushed me to my limits mentally and physically. I wanted to know how far I could push myself before I caved, quit or gave in because I see the growth, strength and confidence people gain from doing more than they ever thought they could.
Suddenly what used to be physically impossible or impossible to overcome mentally is put in a whole new light. Rather than impossible it becomes possible.
Take runners for example. A first time runner hears 26.2 miles and thinks, "Impossible!" A first time 5K finisher thinks, "Well, maybe at 10K". A first time 10 finisher says, "Well, a few more miles and that was a half marathon." And a half marathon runner finishes and often times thinks, "Well, maybe next year I'll tackle the big one."
It doesn't have to be an extreme challenge...but find things that push you to your limits and watch how much you grow!

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