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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trainer Talk Tuesday: Failure or Progress?

As I watched my daughter at dance last week struggle to complete the movement her teacher was demonstrating, I saw the tears begin to well and the bottom lip begin to quiver. Frustration was building as she attempted and failed several times. As a mommy I wanted to help her, hug her and even tell her it was ok that she couldn't do it, instead I watched her keep at it.

The last several weeks I have been doing workouts at Crossfit that target my weaknesses, even include exercise I cannot do without modifying quite a bit. I'm not used to be so frustrated, to having my weaknesses so exposed...and it's been hard. Tears definitely have come as well as long walks to try and "shake it off".

In the last 2 years as owner of Workouts that Work with Amy I have seen many people come so close to completing an exercise, to accomplishing a goal, and falling just short. The frustration and temptation to give up have triggered many "You can do this!" speeches from me.

The difference between failure and progress is simply your reaction. You can give in and give up or learn and move forward. Is it ok to feel frustrated? Absolutely! But what do you do with that frustration? I suggest you use it as fuel for the fire! Attack your weaknesses, welcome frustration and even failure, because neither one happens within your comfort zone.

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