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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Workouts that Work Wednesday: Core Strength

Lay on your back, relax your head and hold your legs straight up at 90 degrees for 10 seconds. Can you feel your core activated? Can you feel muscles in your legs tightening to hold your legs in place?

Drop your legs to 45 degrees and hold. Point your toes away. Place your hands palms down under your low back if necessary. Hold for 10 seconds. Is your core challenged? Yes! How about your inner thighs and quads? You bet!

Now drop your legs to just a few inches above the floor. Can you hold it 10 seconds? Every muscle in your core is contracting to hold your body in that position.

You core consists of more than just your abdominal muscles. It also includes your erectors, or the muscles that wrap around your back and help keep you upright and functioning! Be sure to incorporate exercises like these leg lifts and planks that challenge your entire core.

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