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Monday, June 17, 2013

How Amy Eats During a Typical Week

I'm passing on my usual format this week at the request of some boot camp participants. I think their request will help others, which is why I have this blog...right? :) First off, I am not a dietitian. I am not licensed to tell you what to eat, how much to eat or when to eat. However, I am experienced. I have trained people for over 2 years seeing what works and doesn't work, and I am a formally obese person who knows what it takes to go from fat to fit. Therefore, I will offer my advice. Exercise is queen but nutrition is king and without solid nutritional habits you will not be the best version of you...which should be everyones number one goal!

The question that was posed after class was, "Can you please share with us a realistic day or two of healthy eating?" In other words, show us it can be done and how. So, here's a typical day for me. Keep in mind I have eliminated dairy and grains 6 days/week from my diet. I choose to get my energy from good fats, fruits and veggies and I eat a lot of protein to help build and keep muscle on my body. All that said, I think this will answer the question and give you all an idea how a healthy, busy mommy and business owner makes things work!

Weekend (Typically Sunday) -
Food prep day! I make plan meals for the week then make a grocery list according to those meals. This takes about 30 minutes. Then I shop using that list. That takes about 1 hour. I come home and wash all fruits and veggies, cut if necessary and place in fridge ready for hands to dig into. I cook enough meat to last me 3 days plus dinner for Sunday night. This usually includes meat such as: 6-8 chicken breasts, 3-4 lean steaks, 2 lbs ground beef, 3-4 pork chops or a pork loin and 6-8 hamburgers. This takes the better part of my afternoon. But all that time spent means no time spent prepping and cooking during my busy week. It means healthy foods are convenient!

Weekday -
Breakfast: Mix 1 or 2 eggs with 1 banana, sometimes I throw in a little bit of old fashioned oats and/or raisins, spray pan with Pam and get it hot, cook it like a pancake! Sometimes I top with almond butter. If I only use 1 egg I'll cook a few egg whites to have with my pancake.

Kids will eat these or they have oatmeal and a Simply GoGurt.

Snack: Larabar, kids love apple slices with almond butter or frozen grapes with string cheese

Lunch: Large spinach salad with veggies I chopped on Sunday and chicken I cooked on Sunday. Kids love "mom's mac and cheese" version. Cooked whole grain noodles, a little butter and parm cheese on them. Then they dip in organic marinara sauce. I put some ground beef I made on Sunday in the sauce. They like steamed frozen veggie packs I throw in the microwave along with a fruit.

Snack: Natural almonds and a piece of fruit then usually a protein too like some chicken or pork if I've worked out and lifted, kids enjoy frozen GoGurts during the summer or I make a mix of raisins or cranberries, multi grain Cheerios and almonds for them.

Supper: Meat, veggies, sometimes a potato if I've had intense workouts and they kids eat the same! No fancy casseroles or recipes usually for this lady! The kids usually eat a fruit as well.

Before Bed: hot herbal tea as part of my routine to relax and get ready to rest!

If you have questions, shoot them my way! Hope this helps!!

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