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Are you stuck in a workout rut? Having a hard time breaking free to hit the gym? I am ready to help change your life!
I will come to your home when it works for you! I will teach you WORKOUTS THAT WORK so you can meet achievable, life changing goals we establish together. My goal isn't to make you reliant on a personal trainer for the rest of your life. My goal is to show you how to make several small changes in how you move, eat and think which will make huge changes in how you live for the rest of your life!

Monday, July 22, 2013

You Can't Afford Not To

Eat Better:
I can't say enough about my friend Stacy and all her awesome nutritional knowledge. She's a dietician, mom and realist when it comes to making healthy eating your lifestyle. Check out her site and see what you think!
Move Better:
Ever tried rock climbing? Salsa dancing? Kick boxing? Aquatic aerobics? Hiking?
Exercise doesn't have to be stationary torture on a treadmill!
Check out your local community education fitness classes and other businesses that offer fun classes. Then, find a friend for a little extra confidence boost as your venture into something new!

Amy's Corner:
#1 excuse for not exercising or eating well: I don't have the time!
#2 excuse for not exercising or eating well: I don't have the money!
My response? You don't have the time or the money NOT to exercise and eat well!
If you don't take the time to be healthy now, you will have to find time later to be sick.
If you don't invest your money in your health now, you will invest it on medicine, doctor's visits, early nursing home care and/or hospital visits later.
The idea is preventative care, not reactive. Invest the time and money in yourself now. Change your future by changing your today!
Upcoming Events:
July is coming to an end and with it my August Facebook Group is fast approaching. It's an great opportunity to invest only about $3/day in yourself...less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks! You get 24/7 access to a trainer (me!), daily workouts that include written instructions and a video with all modifications, motivation and accountability from a hard working group of almost 20 people cheering you on as you reach your goals and nutrition tips! If you need a 30 minute or less daily workout to do right at home that will get your to your goals, this group is the way to go!
$99/first month
$75/month or $150/month thereafter
Email me at for further details and to sign up today!

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