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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Exercise Like a 7 Year Old!

Eat Better:
Just Drink It. :)

Move Better:
Try this at-home workout:
Set your timer for 12 minutes, then perform...
3 push ups
3 squats
3 sit ups
6 push ups
6 squats
6 sit ups
*Continue adding 3 reps per round until you reach 12 minutes!

Amy's Corner:
When did exercise become work for you?

I subbed in my daughter's second grade classroom a few times this year. It's been great to dust off the rust and get back in the classroom a little bit, but MAN do those kids have a TON of ENERGY! I love it! At one point after almost 2 hours of math I decided it was time to move! They needed practice with their doubles + 1 facts so I had them stand and when they figured out the sum of the fact I called out they had to do that many push ups or sit ups or jacks. Whatever I came up with. They were SO excited!

I watched them at recess run like crazy and play hard. Hula hoops were going, the monkey bar line was long and a game of two-hand touch football was going on. When I blew the whistle they all came sprinting to line.

At some point we've lost the child-like fun that comes with moving our bodies. Rather than be something we enjoy and just do, it's something we are forced to schedule and can even dread.

My challenge for adults is to fine that joy again that comes with moving. There are SO MANY paths out there for you to explore. Hobbies, fitness classes, playgrounds with your kids, gardening...find something you enjoy and do it often. And the fitter you become, the more your body will move with ease, and they more you'll be able to explore and enjoy!

Now go act like a 7 year old! :)

Upcoming Events:
**Herbalife FREE consultations by appointment: Find out your lean body and body fat percentages, calories burned at rest and daily calories necessary to help you meet your goals along with your daily protein needs. Then we'll talk supplements and foods that will help you best meet your goals. We can also talk exercise, as you know that eating well and moving well go hand in hand! It takes about 1 hour and is done right at Thrive in Ankeny or I can come to you too! Let's meet soon!

**Need the guidance of a trainer, daily workouts you can do right at home, but you just don't have room in the budget? I have an online Facebook group where I post daily workout videos plus written explanations with modifications for all levels! Over 20 people chime in daily on the workouts, eating healthy, their goals, or they ask me questions. You have 24/7 access to a supportive group of people and a trainer! $99/first month then only $75/month or $150/3 months thereafter!

**Need specific strength training or want access to strength training equipment like barbells and kettlbells with guidance on workouts and form? Want to learn or work on rope climbs, ring dips, pull ups or rowing? I can train you at Crossfit 8035 right off E 6th Street downtown. 30 and 60 minute sessions available. Please contact me for more specifics and to get started soon!

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