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Monday, December 16, 2013

Competition Recap: 2013 Snow Bowl

 Sticks and stones may break your bones...especially 93 lb stones slung over your shoulder 22 times! The Snow Bowl team competition was, in short, interesting. Like the atlas stone over the shoulder throw, there were several movements I had little exposure to in my over 2 years of CrossFit: 6 ft. wall climbs, 308 lb prowler push, body drag, 75 lb sandbag carry up a stalled escalator. CrossFit is the sport of specializing in not specializing, so it was fun to see how my overall fitness was able to kick-in.

There were a few moments that led to my biggest take away. After Event 2 was completed my partner and I sat down to refuel and relax not realizing the third event was being restructured so that the top 10 female teams were up first. After a very short break we were told to hustle up and get in Heat 1. It was chaos to say the least. My mind didn't really have time to realize that I was headed into a pretty grueling workout with very little rest and a stomach full of protein shake. But there were only 2 choices in that moment: to panic and be frustrated, or to focus. I dialed in, took a deep breath, and decided to focus my energy on what was ahead.
The workouts were not team oriented, rather they relied on the speed of each individual. Again, frustration or focus?
The demonstrations and explanations of each workout seemed vague at some points and overly complicated at others. Frustration or focus?
The scoring was incorrect on our second workout, therefore we finished overall further down than we should have. Frustration or focus?
My prowler fell apart and my judge just stood there. I had to reassemble and load it on my own before continuing. Frustration or focus?
How many times in life are we met with those 2 options? And really, they're a matter of attitude. So often we can't control the circumstances but we CAN control our reaction to them. Easier said than done, right? RIGHT!!! It IS hard! But just like any other skill, the more you practice the stronger you become...and this weekend I became stronger.

*Special shout out to my partner Mel! Good job, girl!
*Here's some awesome pictures from Ginnie Coleman Photography:

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