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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Perspective from the Formerly Unfit

I had a short, but interesting conversation with a new client this morning that got my wheels turning. Like myself, she was formerly the tune of about 50 lbs overweight and sedentary. Like my former self, nutrition was what was convenient, and vegetables?! Ya right.

We not only had this unhealthy past in common, but I saw and heard in her the same dedication to a new lifestyle I'd found and maintained for over a decade. It got me thinking. What perspectives do I have as a formerly unfit person, that others may not?

1. It takes work.
My sister skated through high school. She hardly, if ever, studied. I had to work at it. Things didn't come as easy. It wasn't that I was slow, I just had to study hard to get it to sink in. There are many people who have not had to work hard at appearing fit. Due to genetics, crazy metabolisms, whatever it may be, to the outside observer they make healthy look easy. Then there's those of us who feel like one slice of pizza might as well just be glued right to our butt. It takes planning, sacrifice, overcoming set backs and dedication to go from unhealthy to fit. It takes constant hard work.

2. A healthy fear.
I know how it feels go shopping for "what's most flattering". I know what it feels like to be out of breath from a short walk. I know how it feels to avoid the camera and mirrors. And I never want to go back. I never will. There's a healthy fear inside someone who has been on both sides of the health spectrum that you can only understand if you've been there too.

3. A passion to help.
Once you know the hard work is worth it...once you know that you'll never ever go can't help but want that for others. You can't help but want people to know how it feels to play with their kids until their kids poop out. You can't help but want others to know how it feels to go to the doctor with a clean bill of health and a "keep up whatever it is that you're doing!". You can't help but want others to invest in themselves now so that their future is so much more fulfilling.

If you're struggling like I once did and want to be on the other end of that health spectrum, I'm here to help...please reach out.

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