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Monday, October 13, 2014

Nutrition: My Straight Up Advice

Before you read this let me say I'm not a nutritionist or dietician. I'm a formally obese person who now is fit. I'm a trainer who has worked with hundreds of people over the course of 3 years and read too many nutrition related blogs and books to count. I am no expert. I just speak from experience. Now that that's out of the's my straight up advice on what it takes to eat well.

My husband and I enjoy a cheat meal on the weekend. Well...I enjoy a cheat meal and he kind of enjoys a cheat day. :) It's a day earned by 6 days of disciplined clean eating and 5-6 days of intense workouts. It's a day that helps us stay on track all week because we know if we stay mentally tough and committed to eating clean and working out we can enjoy that cake or pizza in a few days.

I have many clients ask me if this is the way to go with their nutrition. Yes for for others.

It takes a very disciplined person to eat clean 6 out of 7 days a week AND workout at least 5 of those. It requires planning meals ahead of time, even hours of food prep on the weekends, and saying no to birthday cake at work or high calorie coffees on your way there. It takes putting workouts on your calendar not to be rescheduled, and working out when it's the last thing you want to do.

If you're truly honest with yourself and know you are not ready for that much discipline and commitment on a weekly basis, then I honestly recommend at least 3-4 weeks of clean cheating. Wait?!? If I'm not disciplined enough to say no to donuts on "Donut Fridays" then I should just cut them out altogether?!? Yep. Your body becomes dependent on junk. It craves crap and turns you into a processed food junkie. And just like junkies can't have just 1...neither can you. Cheat days turn into cheat weeks, turn into cheat get the idea. Your body and mind need to detox. If adding in workouts along with this clean eating commitment throws you over the top...then start with nutrition. Once that overwhelming sensation disappears, jump into some walking or a fitness class! Believe me, once your body feels better because it's fueled properly, workouts will actually become easier and something you enjoy!

Pair either option by drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily, and you set yourself up for healthy lifestyle success!

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