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Friday, December 19, 2014

Workouts that Work with Amy...Signing Out

From high school jock to overweight college student, from marathon runner to teacher, from trainer to business, what a path it has been! :)

I'm sure many of you can look back on the last decade and decidedly see where life took you on a different path than expected. And whether those side roads, obstacles and opportunities were positive or negative experiences, they formed you into who you are today. I can confidently say that the path my life has taken over the last decade has provided so many changes, moments of growth and led to me a business that has truly been a blessing.

As this is my last post (please forgive the sappiness) I must thank each and every one of my clients, group class participants and my Facebook group. When I begin to add up the hundreds of you I've had the privilege to guide to a healthier life, it's overwhelming. I've been inspired by you. You've shown me how to rise to the occasion even when life is tough. You've made me laugh before 5 am and have fun training you in freezing, pouring rain. You've forgiven my inability to count reps and tolerated my crazy ideas well. You've become my friends, and some of you I consider my family.

I would be terribly mistaken to not thank my family as well. Aly told me the other day that she was a "gym rat". I asked her what she thought that meant. Her definition: "Kids that can do pull-ups and burpees and stuff because they are in the gym a lot with their mom". I love it. My kids are amazing gym rats. They have attended too many classes to count, sat quietly through  numerous personal training sessions and have been my biggest cheerleaders.

Running your own business has several ups and downs. The downs were tough. I would question whether I should find something more stable and feel guilty for the income dip. Bart, my husband, was always the quiet, confident voice of reason reminding me of my passion and gifts and to never quit. He gently pushed me to do things like run more boot camps, even giving up his garage gym and backyard rig for my classes to meet at the house. He created spreadsheets and patiently explained them ;), edited and gave input on my blogs and programming ideas, and listened as I shared silly stories and successes from my day. Having a husband who recognizes my talents, pushes me to grow and supports me no matter what, among many things, made running my own business that much easier.

As I close out my last blog entry for Workouts that Work with Amy I look forward to yet a new path at Elite Edge Gym in Ankeny as both the Head Trainer and Manager. I am thrilled to continue to use my gifts to motivate and inspire others to lead a healthier lifestyle! Please pop in and visit! I would love to see you all there!

Thank you all for all of your support. What ride it's been! I will leave this blog open so you can access all the information I've gathered throughout the last few years.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's!
This is Workouts that Work with Amy...signing out :)

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