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Monday, August 15, 2011

Not Every Day Can Be a PR

I've seen so many PR's (personal records) at Crossfit and in my career as a trainer. For some it's running for 2 minutes without stopping, for others it's lifting 2x their body weight! Whatever it is, there is no denying the sense of accomplishment that is felt. Then it's off to set new goals and reach new PR's!
I wanted to run an 18-19 minute 5K this last weekend at the Marcus Fair 5K race. I've been running this race now for 5 years. Every year my time has been faster than the year before. Even the year I ran with the girls in the double jogger! But every year I've come behind this very fast cross country runner who is half my age :) This year was going to be the year I caught her! But, just didn't have the steam. I ran it in about 20 minutes 35 seconds and finished right behind her.
Immediately I felt disappointed and wondered if telling others my goal was such a good idea. Afterall, I didn't meet my goal and now had to tell everyone I came in 2nd female...again...and ran it in a minute and a half slower than I wanted.
But then it occurred to me that would be the exact opposite of what I'd tell a client. You HAVE to let others know your goals...they hold you accountable, encourage you, spur you on when you don't think you can do it anymore! And when you don't meet those goals, they encourage you and tell you to try again!
That's exactly what happened. I received several emails, phone calls and text messages from friends who reminded me my time was 2 minutes faster than last year's time, that I won by age group and was the 2nd female to finish overall and there was always next year to beat that teenager :)
So, whether today is a PR day or not...make it a day you try your very best because that's what counts and there's always tomorrow!

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