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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Workout that Works Wednesday

Scott has been working a lot lately so my evenings and mornings have been a little challenged for time. I love spending as much time with my girls as I can yet I know I need a good workout. So, last week I hit the track...the junior high running track that is. Each girl got on their "workout clothes" and Nike's then choose a ball to play with and a hula hoop. I ran a few laps as a warm up. I ran in one direction and the girls ran the other so we could "crash" into one another. They loved it! (I only recommend this if you are the only people on the track...pretty sure it's bad track etiquette. :)

Then I asked them to play in the grass in the middle of the track with their balls and hula hoops while I did 400m sprints with 200m jog/walk 8 times. They occasionally jumped in and ran a bit with me, but for the most part were entertained and busy playing.

Once I finished my run I stationed each girl on the grassy field in the middle of the track. Aly was about 1/3 out and Payton 2/3 out. I told each girl that once I got to them they had to high 5 me then help me by counting to 15. So, I took off running to Aly, gave her a big high 5 then dropped for 15 burpees and ran back to the start. Payton was excited for her turn. I ran to her and repeated the high 5 and burpees and ran back to the start. Then I ran the entire length of the field giving both girls high 5's on the way out and back. They loved it! I repeated this after a short rest with squats rather than burpees and one more time with jump lunges.

As I cooled down I placed the hula hoops and balls out on the field and made up an obstacle course for the girls that involved jumping in and out of the hoops, circling a ball a few times and throwing another. They really took it seriously! We all stretched together then headed home ready for showers and bedtime.

You can fit a workout into a busy lifestyle. Get creative and have some fun!

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