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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things You Should Know Thursday

Here's some fun candy facts as Halloween approaches...

It’s not just kids! Americans over 18 years of age consume 65 percent of the candy that’s produced each year.

Americans eat 25 pounds of candy, per person, per year.

Candy accounts for only 6% of the added sugar in the American diet. Soft drinks and juice account for 46%.

So, how do you avoid this crazy, candy corned filled holiday??? Don't! It's ok to have a treat! And no...this isn't a trick! Just choose ONE of your favorite treats to have and freeze it so you can savor it later or set it aside in a special place. ONE piece of your favorite candy will not spoil your day. However, avoiding it constantly will likely drive you to choose other foods to try and cope with the craving. And if you're like me, you'll eventually eat it anyway, so now you've just piled on the calories. Just ONE and enjoy! :)

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  1. We discussed this in our Weight Watcher's meeting. Don't deprive yourself. Pick your favorite candy and that is the one piece you can have. Get rid of the candy as soon as the holiday is over. Only buy what you need, if you run out, you did a good job! Turn off the light and enjoy your evening. Some dentist's are buying your candy and then sending to the troop's. Happy Halloween!