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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trainer Talk Tuesday

Do you ever wonder what someone from the first pioneers would say if the walked into the YMCA gym? Read this passage from ...

One of the first things the pioneers did when they got to their new homes was buy land. Although land cost about two dollars an acre in many areas, that was very expensive to some pioneers. After they bought their land they had to clear the rocks and tree stumps so they could build their houses and plant crops. The first spring and summer they did little, other than working the land. Their first home was a lean-to. It looked like an open shed that faced the fire. Most of the pioneer women and children made quilts for the beds. If they didn't buy land where there was a stream, the men would build a well. When a group of pioneers lived near each other they would often build a stockade, or fort to protect themselves from Indians.

Think they needed weights for bicep curls or planks to keep their core strong? No way!

Our society has evolved in so many ways but our bodies have not. Although convenience now reigns king in all areas of our lives, physical activity is still needed on a daily basis for optimal health. The same functional movements that are involved in pulling up rocks, pressing a plow through the land, squatting to plant seeds and rotating to dig up dirt and throw it behind you are all important to include in your workouts today!

Rather than think in terms of isolating muscle your quads, then work your glutes, then work your calves...what if you thought about your workouts in terms of movements? Did you pull, did you press, did you squat, did you lunge, did you rotate? When you did push ups or shoulder press you pressed, when you did pull ups or rows you pulled, when you did squat jumps you squatted, when you did lunges with a medicine ball pass you lunged and when you did torso twists you rotated. You can assume if you've hit these major functional movments plus added in some cardio you've gotten a great whole body workout!

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