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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things You Should Know Thursday

According to ACE and anyone you likely ask on the street, life in general but especially fitness is moving quickly toward using technology as a motivational and tracking aid. Is your phone part of your exercise equipment?

Here are some lists of apps you should know and use!

Do you currently use a fitness/health app that's not on these lists? Please share in the comments so we can all check it out!

iPhone or iPod touch



  1. Hi, Amy - it's Keri Sukowatey from good ol' Western Hills. Through the magic of Facebook I somehow ended up here and just wanted to tell you how impressed I am. Your 188 post about how you started this journey is inspiring. You've reached personal goals AND you are a small business owner. No small feat. Seriously girl, it looks like you are doing wonderful things. YOU GO.

    On a sidenote - I'm a big fitnesspal user myself. It was free and I love that I can scan foods in by barcode.

    Keep up the good work, Amy. So cool.

  2. Water your body is one I have found very helpful in tracking my water in take to try to stay hydrated! And Fooducate is a good one to look food nutrition facts. Heather