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Friday, December 2, 2011

Fitness Fun Friday

The mall can be a fun place to kill time and spend a lot of money this year, or for some a place to avoid at all costs. Did you ever think of it as a warm, well decorated gym?!?

I hit Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines earlier this week not realizing I was a half hour earlier than the stores opened. So, I spent some time walking around. It was beautifully decorated for the holidays and toasty warm compared to the chilly outside temps. There were several walkers of all ages and fitness levels. Some had hand weights, some were more strolling and some were sweating and walking at a very brisk pace. I wondered if anyone had ever run or if that was even allowed...I'd totally do it with anyone who wanted to! We could ask for forgiveness once they caught us if it is against the rules :) Do you think anyone uses the many benches for squats, push ups, step ups or tricep dips? Think anyone lunges down the carpeted aisles? Climbs the stairs several times?

Here's where I'm going with this. First, mall walking is a great idea to get out of the house and get some good exercise. Grab a buddy, hand weights if you have them and some good walking shoes! Second, open your eyes and expand your horizons when it comes to fitness. You can get a good workout in...ANYWHERE! If you don't want to be the "crazy lady/man" doing tricep dips at the mall before it opens, call me or find a friend! Better to be "crazy" in groups of 2 or more. :) Better yet, get over it and realize that those looks you get are because you are thinking outside the box. I guarantee many of them are thinking, "I never would have thought to lunge past Maurices, sprint to the Build a Bear store then bear crawl to Younkers!"

Have some fun and expand your possibilities when it comes to fitness! You can do it!

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  1. I bet that if you started doing tricep dips on those bench's the mall walker's would join you. Great idea Amy, may have to try that some weekend.