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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things You Should Know Thursday

I love reading fitness blogs, tweets from fitness sites and reading updates on Facebook fitness pages. There's so much out there to read, learn from, critique, question and explore! Here's a list of 20 fitness blogs from Check them out!

#20 – Weight Ladder
Weight Ladder is a blog specifically written for people who want to lose weight. I’m not sure who writes the site, but they are putting out quality posts almost everyday.
It’s tough to keep posting everyday, so if a blog can do it while still putting out great content, then I applaud them.
# 19 – The IF life
The IF life is another cool blog written by Mike O Donnell that focuses on health and longevity. One of his I posts I just came across made fun of fitness magazines, so I give him kudos there!
The IF life posts pretty often, so you can be sure there is always new content popping up.
#18 – Women’s Diet and Fitness
Angie over at Women’s Diet and Fitness has some great posts specifically for women. Some of the things she touches on frequently are diets, goal setting and burning fat.
I think this is the only women’s specific blog I posted…hmmm
#17 – Eric Cressey
Eric Cressey is kind of like the wonder kid in the fitness world. At only 26 years old, he already has a book out and is one of the most respected trainers in the world. His work with elite baseball players and rehab athletes is nothing short of remarkable.
#16 – Fight Geek
Fight Geek is a video blog by Kira. He posts videos everyday which should help any type of fighter with their training. If you’re a video guy and like crazy training, Fight Geek is your site.
#15 – Fitness Black Book
Rusty at fitness black book has a cool blog which focuses on functional training. Like Gym Junkies, he’s trying to get people away from the bodybuilding workouts and into a more diverse workout.
His killer personality really shines through in his writing as well.
#14 – Zen to Fitness
Zen to Fitness is a blog written by Chris, which takes a “Zen” like approach to health and fitness. Chris makes posts on a number of topics including food, exercises and most importantly eliminating stress from your life.
#13Alwyn Cosgrove
Cosgrove is THE MAN when it comes to fat loss. If there’s one guy to follow if you want to learn about fat loss, it should be Alwyn. His facilities in California train hundreds of clients which means he has more hard data than any University study ever has about fat loss.
Alwyn’s also a 2x cancer survivor, great writer and really into helping people improve their lives in all areas. If Alwyn didnt pitch so many products in every post, he’d be rated even higher…
#12 – Ross Enamait
Who hasn’t seen the killer videos of Ross on YouTube? Ross writes training articles for fighters from all areas including wrestling, MMA and boxing. In addition to being a great guy, he’s a hell of a trainer.
Ross’s site is full of great content including sandbag training, wheelbarrows and anything else you can think of.
#11 – Nate Green
Nate is a young, up and coming trainer who just put out a new book that deals with working out and picking up girls (sounds good to me!)
Nate’s training regimen is more on the bodybuilding side, but he still uses very functional movements like front squats, deadlifts and pullups. On top of that, he’s a pretty cool guy too!
#10 – Stronglifts
Stronglifts is a blog written by Mehdi specifically about strength training. They have a great archive of posts and the forum is still active every day.
Hopefully Mehdi jumps back on the blogging bandwagon soon, he hasnt posted in a while.
#9 – The Diesel Crew
The Diesel Crew are some of the toughest guy’s you’ll ever see. They do a lot of strongman, powerlifting and grip training for athletes. They have pretty cool videos on their site as well as good content on the blog that gets updated pretty often.
#8 – Mark’s Daily Apple
Written by Mark Sisson, Mark’s Daily Apple is an awesome nutrition blog that focuses mainly on living a life like our ancestors did. This means eat real food, lift heavy things, run, play and get lots of sleep.
Cant say I can argue with that…
#7Zach Even Esh
The wild man Zach Even Esh has a great blog that he regularly posts on. Zach is known for his underground strength training style. A lot of his training methods are similar to ours at Gym Junkies.
Zach also posts videos on his blog usually 4-5 times per week, so you can see some great workout vids from him. As a bonus you get to hear his REAL Jersey accent everyday haha!
#6 – Modern Forager
Modern Forager is a food blog that cuts though all the BS and puts out some great nutrition content. With a tagline like “respect your food, respect yourself” how could you not like it?
Make sure you check out some of their best posts on the left hand side. They’re killer!
#5 – CrossFit
Should I have put Cultfit? Ahh J/K… The main page at Crossfit has a daily workout, along with comments posted by crossfitters from all over the nation. The workouts are tough, Ill warn you ahead of time
#4 – Fat Man Unleashed
Fat Man is a blog written by Israel Lagares. He’s on a quest to lose weight and get in shape through strength training and circuit workouts.
His blog has some great tips for losing weight and you can follow along with his weight loss journey each and every week.
#3 – Straight to the Bar
Straight to the bar is a fitness blog by Scott Bird that mostly posts videos about functional training workouts. He also finds some of the best videos from around the web and posts them daily. Some great content going on at Straight to the Bar.
#2 – Again Faster
Again Faster and it’s writer Jon Gilson have put together a great blog. Jon is a Crossfit affiliate and makes posts on functional training that really relate to life in all sorts of ways.
On top of that Jon has a knack for writing and he’s a great coach.
#1 – Steve Maxwell
Steve Maxwell might be in a world all by himself. Im not sure of his exact age, but I think he’s about 54 or so and somehow still has a body that is just flat out ripped.
Steve is a BJJ practicioner and one of the best strength coaches out there. His blog has some awesome posts about odd object training like kettlebells, sledgehammer and a few other fun things. He doesn’t post very often, but when he does it’s top notch.

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