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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things You Should Know Thursday

Ahhhh, Biggest Loser. Let me just say that Tuesday night I was all alone yelling "YES!" and "RIGHT ON!" at my t.v. like a crazy person. This season is all about "No excuses" and Tuesday night Bob had to train his team without a gym or any gym equipment. His team was not confident they could lose weight without the machines but Bob knew otherwise. He kept telling them a gym was NOT the only way to weight loss and that body weight exercises were just as effective in any location they could find. They were lifting chairs up off the ground, doing mountain climbers, push ups, sprints...and the results came. Big weight loss numbers as Bob proved NO GYM = NO EXCUSES.

When I tell people they can use minimal to no equipment, workout with me and lose weight I get a lot of funny looks...until they try it and the results come. Here's some great inspiration from past Biggest Loser contestents in Prevention Magazine about what they do for exercise outside the gym can too!!!

Cotter, Season 7You don’t need to have exercise equipment to exercise. The hardest workouts I do require just me and the floor. Everyone has a floor.
Sophia Franklin, Season 10
Even if you don’t have the money to go get a gym membership you can still work out. Go for a walk or get down on your bedroom floor and do crunches.
Shanon Thomas, Season 7
Find ways to keep moving. If you don’t have time for the gym, go for a walk around your block or scrub your kitchen floor. You’d be surprised. Some days I burn 800 calories cleaning my house for an hour!
Ali Vincent, Season 5 Winner
Using the resistance of your own body weight is enough to get results. At the ranch, we did a lot of very basic exercises--the stuff I learned as a kid in gym class--squats, lunges, jumping jacks, running, jumping, pull-ups and pushups. I love knowing that that if there's no gym in sight, I still have control over my workouts and my health. That's an amazing realization.
Daris George, Season 9
If you're at home and need to work out, you wouldn’t believe how much of a workout you can get doing jumping jacks, pushups and squats in your own home. Just get your heart rate up and move around for 20 to 30 minutes. Every little thing helps if you can’t get outside or to gym. If you’re sweating, you know you’re working.
Migdalia Sebren, Season 9
To burn calories, I also like to do fun things with my kids, not just go to the gym. We have a family challenge every week whether it's jumping rope or doing squats. My kids love it, and I burn about 300 to 400 calories!
Sean Algaier, Season 8
I live on a budget with a wife and kids so I know how that is. But so what if you can't afford a gym? Check your local YMCA or local newspaper listings for discounted exercise classes.
John Crutchfield, Season 9
Find something you love doing. When I left the ranch, I went to the gym but I didn’t love it. I decided to pursue a lifelong fascination with martial arts and now I get a workout at the jiu-jitsu studio that I’m passionate about.

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