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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Workout that Works Wednesday

Quick...when I say name a cardio exercise, what do you think of first?
If I had to guess I'd guess you thought of running. Most people do. Those that do tend to get discouraged and feel out of options if they are not fit enough to run for longer distances, hate to run or have pains or injuries that are worsened by running.
Running is not the end all when it comes to cardio. Yes, it's a great full body exercises and yes it gets your heart pumping...but so do many other exercises.
One of my most favorite forms of cardio comes when I kickbox. The constant punching, kicking and shuffling off my feet makes me sweat just as much as if I was on mile 4 of a brisk run.
Many of my clients love when I get out the boxing gloves and pads. They forget that it's a workout and start to have fun aiming for the pads, punching with all their might and driving their knees up with all their strength.
Most sporting good stores have bags and gloves for you to use right at home. There are also several great DVD's out there that incorporate kickboxing. Click on this link for a helpful list the best kickboxing DVD's according to
Check out your local gym or community classes for kickboxing options. It's sometimes referred to as cardio kickboxing and can be taught with our without gloves and bags.

Now GO and get your sweat on!!!

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