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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things You Should Know Thursday

Myth: Lifting heavy weights as a woman will make me look bulky and less feminine.

Reality: Lifting heavy weights will give you definition, it will change the shape of your body and give you that firm/toned look you want. It all boils down to this: men have a lot of testosterone in their bodies that allows their muscles to hypertrophy in a much different way than women. Womens bodies are not NATURALLY able to "bulk up" at a physiological/chemical level. Now, if you want to talk supplements and why some women do end up looking like dudes...that's a whole different conversation! (a.k.a. the top half of the picture below)

Implications: LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS! Don't be afraid to do less reps and sets with a higher weight! Once you know the correct form and you can easily complete multiple sets and reps with lower weight it's time to step it up! Get in that weight room with the big guys...those weights are there for you too! And if you don't know the proper form...that's where a trainer can help! :)


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