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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Workout that Works Wednesday

Sometimes small changes to your workout routine can make a big difference. Balance and coordination are skills you have to work at but they are often neglected. Unfortunately, the older we become the more these skills deminish without intentional practice.
A simple adjustment to your routine would be to start standing on just 1 foot for 1/2 your reps of bicep curls, shoulder presses, behind the head tricep extensions, front raises or lateral raises then switch feet. Focus on keeping your core tight (pull your belly button to your spine), shoulders back and down (chest out) and your eyes looking forward.
Bosu balls (those half ball dome looking things you see at the gym) are great for standing on to do your exercises. The instablity of the surface requires tiny muscles in your legs and core to fight to keep you stable and upright. Just standing on a Bosu ball as long as you can is a great way to begin!
Remember to continue to challenge your body in new ways...your body remembers workouts and when you fall into a familiar routine it's likely your body will adapt and your progress will slow. Mix it up and work on balance this week!

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