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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trainer Talk Tuesday

What's up with machines???

From first time gym users to experienced gym seems those machines with their diagrams and various moving parts confuse everyone.

Here's my honest, professional opinion...machines are a great way for beginners to strength train. They will hold your body in correct form and isolate the muscle group you are wanting to work. You can look at the diagram, adjust the settings to fit your body type and adjust the weight to your current fitness level with one swift move of the weight stack. If you don't quite understand how the machine works, ask a worker at the gym for help. They will help you or direct you to someone who can.

I suggest beginners that use these machines write down how much weight they did, how many reps/sets they completed, their fatigue level and take note of their soreness immediately - 2 days after. All this helps to gauge your choices for your next strength workout.

If you are not a beginner to weight training then I suggest free weights as opposed to machines. Why? You can do compound exercises - exercises that work more than one isolated muscle group at a time. It's more efficient IF done with good mechanics. If you don't know good mechanics or compound exercises to do with the free weights that's when a good trainer comes into play! Learn how to go beyond bicep curls and overhead tricep extensions. Dumbbells snatches, thrusters, cleans and lunges with presses are all great examples but there are several more exercises you can learn.

Machines aren't a bad choice and can be helpful to beginners and even those who are coming back after an injury. But if that's all you've done for weight training it's time to expand your horizons, get uncomfortable and pick up some free weights. You can do it!

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