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I will come to your home when it works for you! I will teach you WORKOUTS THAT WORK so you can meet achievable, life changing goals we establish together. My goal isn't to make you reliant on a personal trainer for the rest of your life. My goal is to show you how to make several small changes in how you move, eat and think which will make huge changes in how you live for the rest of your life!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boot Camp: Here's a Sneak Peak!

If you haven't driven by a park in Ankeny on Monday and Wednesday nights and witnessed a large group of people using cones, tennis balls, hula hoops, frisbees, benches, hills, trees and basketball courts to workout, here's a glimpse into Boot Camp with Amy. This is a short clip from boot camp last night. Everyone got into groups of 4. 1 person ran a hill while 1 person did situps and counted while 1 person did a straight arm plank with alternating shoulder taps while 1 person rested. They progressed in order until they reached 75 situps as a team! This was after a 10 exercise circuit, a hill workout with pushups and situps and before their group 5 minute forearm plank!
We are in week 6 and it shows! Weekly nutrition tips and workout ideas to do right at home, a weekly fitness challenge on Wednesday to monitor progress and 2 nights a week sweating it out and having fun at parks throughout Ankeny have really helped increase everyone's endurance and strength, no matter what fitness level they started at day 1! Sign up now for Boot Camp with Amy Session 2! It begins June 18th and spots are limited!!!

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